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Max Grundy – Host and Co Creator

Max Grundy has been a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer for the majority of his life and an art teacher for over a decade. His phobia and hot rod theme artwork is shown throughout the world.

Conceptually, his work is based in America’s love affair with fear and its consequential phobias. The most effective images to motivate people and get a reaction are images of fear. Fear motivates people to do something or stop doing something. Media uses fear tactics on a daily basis to tell us a variety of fallacies; that germs threaten the lives of our children, or perhaps that our social status depends on the degree of whiteness of our teeth. The news, as well as advertising, seems to exploit human beings’ desire for shock value. In short, FEAR IS THE NEW BEAUTY.

Formally, he is interested in vintage poster design around WWII (sci-fi, B-movie, comic book covers and propaganda). He admires its use of unusual perspective, limited color palette, dramatic text and design to create maximum effect. He believes this style has the ability to reach out and grab a viewer because of its economical graphic quality.

His purpose in creating images of fear and phobias is an attempt to defuse the power of fears that are used against the public by the media.

Here is a run down:

1. Designed and worked on custom cars for the past 22 years.

2. Recently won BEST OF SHOW honors at Viva Las Vegas car show with 1959 Pontiac Wagon.

3. Have designed “Max Grundy” wheel line with American Racing.

4. Designed artwork for Disneyland “Carsland”. Currently working on more art for

Disney to be displayed in the park 2015 “Wonderground” Gallery.

5. Designed artwork for entire SEMA show 2013, and 2014

6. Contributing designer for SEMA GARAGE. Visual look and usability of building.

7. Contributing designer for SEMA 2014 printed ad campaign.

8. Hundreds of art showings around the world in galleries and renowned car shows exhibiting my automotive art.

9. Hundreds of published articles (art and cars) in national and international magazines.

10. Completed artwork for many well known bands including: Papa Roach, Reverend Horton Heat, Black Label Society, Wayne the Train Hancock.

11. Bachelors of Fine art, in Illustration 2000.

12. Masters of Fine art, Painting and Drawing with Minor in Art history 2003.

13. Art teacher for over a decade at colleges and University.

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John Wells – Executive Producer & Co Creator

John Wells fascination with cycles and cars started early. At age 6 he was given his first motorcycle - an 80cc Yamaha, perfect for roaming the fields of Southeast Missouri. After graduating college, John and his wife Kim moved to Northern California for his wife’s Masters Degree. Over the course of ten years of living in California, John and Kim were able to start a business selling kustom kulture collectibles at shows across the world. In 2006, Vintage Torque DVDs were launched as a way to capture the magic of the many shows that were attended by the couple. These DVDs covered events from Yokohama to New York City and many points in between. The entire time John was on the road filming, relationships were established with like minded individuals. John became a part of a large community helping each other out, with a shoe-string budget. This community has a love and appreciation for the old traditions…. The music, the clothes, the cars, the cycles….. This was labeled the Kustom Kulture. And this is what John documented.


In 2006, John and Kim were planning on their second child when some unfortunate news came up. The baby would be born with Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a sometimes fatal condition that would require a minimum of 3 open heart surgeries by the time the child was 2 years old…..IF she survived the pregnancy. In an attempt to give their child the best possible chance of a healthy life in the long term, they opted for an experimental procedure at Harvard Medical that takes place in utero. Hannah was the 43rd child to have this experimental procedure and was born with both chambers of her heart intact. Even though she still has complications with her heart, they are not as serious for her, thanks to the initial procedure. During this trying time, an idea was hatched to come up with a fundraiser to help out with medical bills. With the help of Los Punk Rods Car Club Kansas City and The Cheaters Car Club Milwaukee, a very successful inaugural Vintage Torque Fest was born and this event led to the creation of Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation. This 501(c)3 is designed to help families with children suffering from congenital heart defects. Now, the Wells Family have 3 different car shows/festivals a year and all the gate proceeds go to help families.

After talking about a media project with Max Grundy, the idea to take the concept of helping others on a national scale came to fruition. This Motor Family is now connected by social media, and typically come out to these large events/festivals to cement those bonds created online. Typically self reliant, with a DIY mindset, this crowd do not have a lot of money, but still drive cool rides and have a great time, all while helping out a great cause. This is what the Motor Family is about.

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